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Collierville Flooring Pros

Knowing the flooring style you want for your room, such as rustic, modern, formal, luxury, industrial, or a current trend, is the best place to start when designing your new living space.

Your style can be found no matter what type of flooring you choose, so it’s your guide to selecting from an infinite number of flooring solutions.

If you’re unsure, we recommend looking at pictures of living rooms to help you get started.

No matter what type of flooring you choose, your style can be found so it’s your guide to choosing from an unlimited amount of flooring solutions.

Flooring Designed For You

Selecting Your Flooring

You’ll need to know what type of flooring solution will work best for your room after you’ve decided on the look.

What type of flooring do you have? How much foot traffic is there in the room? Is it going to be near water? Is it possible for pets to scratch the floor with their nails?

Once we’ve determined what type of flooring will work best, you’ll want to choose some options that appeal to you and see which will look the best. Color, texture, and pattern are examples of these options. We recommend that you take some samples home with you to do this correctly.

Need Help With Design, Colors and Styles?

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We Can Build Your Perfect Floors

Choosing Flooring

Knowing exactly what flooring material you’ll need and how much material you’ll need is critical for budgeting and ensuring that the finished floor looks great. The majority of problems encountered during a floor remodeling project are the result of details overlooked during the estimation process.

Checking the subfloor, floor height, thresholds, baseboards, and even the flooring in adjoining rooms is critical to ensuring that everything fits together perfectly for the finished product. This should be done by a professional who knows what to look for.

During an on-site measurement, we figure these things out and explain them to you.

We Help With Your Floor Installation

What Flooring Is Best For You?

We can assist you with flooring installation once you’ve decided on a design and material. We’ll know exactly when your material will arrive when we order it, allowing us to schedule the work with you accurately and as soon as possible.

The fact that you can always find Collierville Flooring Pros is a huge benefit of having us install your flooring. We’re not just a guy in a pickup truck who will vanish without a trace. We offer warranties and guarantees on our work.

We also provide “white glove” floor installation services like furniture handling, painting and finish trim, and construction site cleanup. When placing your order, inquire about these options.

Our floor installation services are competitively priced with any  reputable flooring company.

Need Help With Design, Colors and Styles?

Collierville Flooring Pros